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An Angel Into the Devil's Cage (Supernatural)
written by [ profile] dapatty, [ profile] s0ckpupp3t, performed by [ profile] AlexisJane
Summary: Dean loses himself to the road and finds himself in the rain thinking of Sam -- how he's going to get him back and all the things he misses.

It’s good to feel you are close to me (The Musketeers)
written by [ profile] girlmarauders, performed by [ profile] growlery
Summary: The Musketeers and friends all attend the University of Glasgow, drink and read poetry to each other, mostly while being in love.

Playing Telephone (X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past)
written by [ profile] pocky_slash, performed by [ profile] Readbyanalise010
Summary: Charles hates voicemail. Therefore, waking up to three of them is not a great way to start his day, nor is finding himself at the center of an angry back and forth between his sister and his niece. All he wants to do is get through the next few days so he can leave on vacation with his husband, but he can already tell it's not going to be that easy.
paraka: A baby wearing headphones and holding a mic (Default)
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Collide (SPN RPF)
written by [ profile] Nelle816, performed by [ profile] weimar27
2566 words/0:14:08
Summary: This spring weather was beautiful and the traffic on his daily commute was moving along at decent speed. Now if only the radio would play something decent, Jensen could call it a good morning.

New Age (Dresden Files)
written by [ profile] binz and [ profile] Shiplizard, performed by [ profile] Grenegome
2148 words/0:13:13
Summary: The story of Alicia Nelson as told by Captain Luccio (who was sent into her body) to Sigrun Gard (who chooses the slain) and what came of Luccio thereafter.

The Long Pour Into Broken Waters (X-Men: First Class)
written by [ profile] elistaire, performed by [ profile] templemarker
2684 words/0:15:52
Summary: Hank loves swimming.

This is his life as he swims (and doesn't swim) through it.


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