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Teach Me Your Ways (Merlin)
written by [ profile] eledhwenlin, performed by [ profile] EosRose
Summary: Arthur wakes up in the modern world and Merlin has to teach him things.

Phases (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] unpossible, performed by [ profile] auroradream
Summary: “We weren’t going to get out of the car,” Stiles says again, and big fucking help that is now, with Scott’s side shredded by a fucking sabre-tooth tiger or whatever.
“Just tell me what happened,” his Dad says.

Open & Notorious (Welcome to Night Vale Intro Segments)
written by [ profile] jedusaur, performed by [ profile] anotherslashfan, [ profile] argentumlupine, [ profile] bessyboo, [ profile] cantarina, [ profile] fleurrochard, [ profile] jedusaur, [ profile] knight_tracer, [ profile] regonym, [ profile] Rhea, [ profile] Torra, Projectyl and Andy Crosman
Summary: We are all, in our own way, Joseph Fink.
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Well, that was a fun party! And now, on our final day, we have 8 amazing Party Favors to send you home with :)

The Fairest Of Them All (Snow White)
written by [ profile] EllieMurasaki, performed by [ profile] Anna_unfolding
2788 words/0:18:05
Summary: Gwyneira, Cymran princess, and her seven friends
must flee lest she be murdered by her mother queen.
How can they keep her safe? How can she get her throne?

Price of Admittance (Supernatural)
written by [ profile] Morrezela, performed by [ profile] Eosrose
3067 words/0:21:58
Summary: Sam wasn't picking up on Dean's attempts to make things a bit less brotherly between them. Then Dean figured out the perfect way to declare his affections.

wanna hear you sing the praise (Bandom)
written by [ profile] Akamine_chan, performed by [ profile] Eosrose
1659 words/0:13:04
Summary: The forest has been calling to Frank all of his life. Now, he's listening.

A Little Tenderness (Bandom)
written by [ profile] Lucifuge5, performed by [ profile] Looneyngilo2
1097 words/0:07:33
Summary: They were pale blue when they first appeared on the sides of Ray's torso at age 10. As Ray's gotten older, the blue is a darker, richer hue.

5 poems about awesome ladies (Merlin, Disney Princesses, Teen Wolf, Fandom)
written by [ profile] Yue_ix, performed by [ profile] Paraka
953 words/poems approximately 0:00:30 each
Summary: Ce projet pod-together est une première collaboration entre Paraka et moi, suite à une conversation Twitter où l'une de nous s'est exprimée vouloir faire des poèmes et l'autre faire quelque chose en Français. Alors nous voilà, avec 5 poèmes en Français et en Anglais discutant de différentes facettes moins explorées de certaines de nos personnages favorites. Étant toutes les deux bilingues, notre projet l'est également, et nous faisons ici une distinctions: les versions Fr-En se ressemblent mais ne sont pas des traductions l'une de l'autre (parralèles plutôt que miroir)! J'espère que vous aimerez le résultats de nos efforts. :)

This pod-together project is a first collaboration between Paraka and me, as a result of a Twitter conversation where one of us wanted to do poems and the other something French. So here we go with 5 French and English poems about some of our favourite female characters. Since we're both bilingual, so's our project - take note that while both Engish and French versions are alike, they aren't direct translations of each other. I hope you'll enjoy our work.

Count Each Suture As A Badge Of Honor (Graceland)
written by [ profile] Reena_jenkins, performed by [ profile] Readbyanalise010
527 words/0:04:02
Summary: The best way to sell a cover is to believe it yourself.

Homecoming (Pacific Rim)
written by [ profile] Busaikko, performed by [ profile] Knight_tracer
2221 words/0:16:50
Summary: Raleigh comes home with Mako for O-bon.

Failstaff (Hockey)
written by [ profile] Petra, performed by [ profile] Bessyboo
1231 words/0:09:14
Summary: Patrick Kane tries to give a St. Crispin's Day speech and ends up as Falstaff. Sort of.
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Cautionary Tales (due South)
written by [ profile] Akamine_chan, performed by [ profile] Podfic_lover
Summary: The Inuit tribes from Repulse Bay have a story about a gluttonous half-wolf, the noisy ptarmigan, and the hare that got away.

If I Lay Here (Merlin)
written by [ profile] Samyazaz, performed by [ profile] Podfic_lover
1215 words/0:09:05
Summary: Gwen and Merlin give Arthur quite a wake-up call, the morning before he's set to leave on a quest.

Solstice, Equinox (Glee)
written by [ profile] Wintercreek, performed by [ profile] Izbit
1608 words/0:13:08
Summary: Blaine and Kurt and a look into the long process of personal revelation.

a collection of thoughts from the fucked over cast of teen wolf (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] Flyingthesky, performed by [ profile] Quintenttsy
2812 words/0:20:16
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I'll Eat You Up (Can't Get Enough) (Merlin)
written by [ profile] Samyazaz, performed by [ profile] RsCreighton
14665 words/1:21:24
Summary: In which Arthur is a man-eating kelpie and Merlin has no sense of self-preservation to speak of.

Let The Cat Out Of The Bag. (Adam Lambert)
written by [ profile] Lizibabes, performed by [ profile] Pensnest
2543 words/0:14:32
Summary: Tommy has a secret, a furry secret. This is what Happens when Adam finds out.

Get me (Bandom)
written by [ profile] Lalejandra, performed by [ profile] Were_duck
1505 words/0:10:16
Summary: Elisa didn't mean to make it weird. She just wanted to make out with Pete while Patrick was getting Thai for dinner. Plus Meagan says he's good with his hands.
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With Their Blue Tattoos (Bandom (MCR))
written by [ profile] girlmarauders, performed by [ profile] argentumlupine
3649 words/0:21:54
Summary: An AU in which Mikey and Frank are tattoo artists with a shop together.

Chokepoint (Merlin)
written by [ profile] flammablehat, performed by [ profile] sophinisba
3408 words/21:52
Summary: It goes through several iterations of mistake before it becomes a choice.

A Fever and a Beaker and a Shot in the Dark (Avengers)
written by [ profile] Jai, performed by [ profile] inkjunket
5554 words/35:05
Summary: (10 fights Bryce Banner never got into, and one she decided not to avoid)
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ShapeShift (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] TheArcher, performed by [ profile] quintenttsy
10803 words/1:00:57
Summary: AU Stiles meets Danny his freshman year of college and is instantly smitten, but after Stiles has to save him from drowning, Danny is forced to move away. Seven years later, they meet again in New York and Stiles gets a second chance, only Danny doesn't remember him and Stiles' career is on the line.

The Girl in the Tower (Merlin/Firefly)
written by [ profile] jelazakazone, performed by [ profile] susan_voight
5032 words/0:34:20
Summary: In this Merlin/Firefly fusion (Merlin characters, Firefly setting), Mithian discovers a girl imprisoned by the Alliance and is desperate to break her out.

Love in Training (Voltron)
written by [ profile] starduchess, performed by [ profile] Ande
1401 words/0:10:16
Summary: Keith and Lance are out on advanced military training. They find their emotions need training as well.
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The podfic links posted on AO3 lead directly to the file, so please be sure to right-click (control click for Macs) and save to download the files :)

Once your project has been revealed, you are welcome to crosspost wherever you would like.

Smitten (Stargate Atlantis)
Created by [personal profile] juniperphoenix (podficcer) and [ profile] smallearthcat (author)
5162 words/ 29:08
Summary: A little bit of Lucius Lavin's drug goes a long way. John finds out just how far. Episode tag to Irresistible.

L.A. Burning (Adam Lambert RPF)
Created by [ profile] jenepel (podficcer) and [ profile] prairiegirl116 (author)
951 words/ 6:26
Summary: A sweet little amuse bouche glancing into the lives of Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen.

Map Quest (Merlin/Rapunzel)
Created by [ profile] aphelant (author) and[personal profile] pennyplainknits (podficcer)
4394 words/ 25:43
Summary: "Wait, wait, let me get this straight -- you crossed the border from Camelot, risking all out war with Escetia, just to rescue me?"

"No!" Arthur yelled, and the villagers leaned away from him warily. He rubbed the back of his neck and blew out an exasperated breath. "No. I was just tired of Cenred ignoring all of his border towns," he explained, "and I was tired of telling my father that someone had to protect the abandoned villagers and rescue the captured ladies, and I traveled all the way here to rescue Rapunzel, whom I thought was a lady, but instead I found you."
"That's so romantic," a bloke in the back sighed, and the villagers all nodded dreamily.


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