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More Awake Than I've Ever Been Before (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), Star Wars - All Media Types)
written by [ profile] lady_ragnell, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: Bodhi tries to learn how to talk to Jyn Erso and how to sleep without nightmares.

Like Lovers Do (Here Comes the Rain Again - Dikla (Music Video))
written by [ profile] Hagar, performed by [ profile] freshbakedlady
Summary: In another time and at another place, there lived a woman, and her name was Aseel. She lived with her lover, a woman called Reena, in a quiet little house on the edge of town. Both women were home when, one night, the phone rang: Aseel’s name had come up in the draft.

when the moon is round and full (Critical Role (Web Series))
written by [ profile] sabinelagrande, performed by [ profile] blackglass
Summary: A white wolf stalks the woods outside of Whitestone, and Vex just can't stay away.

True North (Thor (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] storyspinner70, performed by [ profile] BabelGhoti
Summary: Odin gifted Loki with an Midgardian compass when he was little, but there has only ever been one true north for him, even in worlds without one. No matter what changes or why, Loki knows only one final destination – where ever Thor is.

Far Far Away (A Long Time Ago) (Sherlock (TV))
written by [ profile] Poppetawoppet, performed by [ profile] SomethingIncorporeal
Summary: John and Sherlock met as adults, except, they met when John was in school, and Sherlock was a strange boy from far far away.The Peter Pan AU I didn’t think I’d write.

Love is Paranoid (Kiss, Kiss and Bang, Bang) (Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] lucifuge5, performed by [ profile] tipsy_kitty
Summary: Since all that funny business happened whenever Wilson was around made everything painfully clear.Bucky Barnes, reformed super-assassin and Steve’s Original Bestie (TM), had a fucking crush.
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The truth you can't escape (Hamilton - Miranda)
written by [ profile] shinykari, performed by [ profile] Poetry
Summary: Eliza and Maria, through the years.

From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008), Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
written by [ profile] LaceFedora, [ profile] PunsBulletsAndPointyThings, & [ profile] the_dragongirl, performed by [ profile] the_dragongirl
Summary: The rescue of Obi-Wan from Rattatak reveals many things to the people around him. All of these revelations are true...from a certain point of view.

A Contingency of Geese (Agent Carter (TV))
written by [ profile] dapatty, performed by [ profile] pensnest
Summary: Peggy just wanted to have a nice Saturday. The geese had other plans.

Tacet (Sherlock (TV))
written by [ profile] poppetawoppet, performed by [ profile] SomethingIncorporeal
Summary: A Study in Pink, from the perspective of ace!girl!Sherlock.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Coffee (Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies))
written by [ profile] CatrinaSL, performed by [ profile] RsCreighton
Summary: Why is the coffee gone? Darcy and Clint set off on a search for caffeine that quickly becomes a wacky caper to cheer Jane up with science or possibly an attractive barista.

When Clint joined Darcy outside the coffee shop, her eyes were full of mischief and she was grinning. "I have a cunning plan," she told him.

Clint was reluctant. "This doesn't have to do with eating coffee beans, does it?" he asked.

Darcy shook her head, her eyes on the good looking guy who had just returned to his astrophysics homework. "Nope."

never will abolish (Dishonored (Video Game))
written by [ profile] taywen, performed by [ profile] Kess
Summary: a throw of the dice never will abolish chance

The Empress appoints a pair of twins as her Royal Protectors. This changes a few things.
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Oceans Can't Separate Us (Glee)
written by [ profile] nineofhearts, performed by [ profile] froggyfun365, [ profile] originally
Summary: After a bad day at school, Kurt seeks solace in the show choir blogs. There he finds a message from Warbler65, who manages to brighten his day and slowly change his world.

Im Körper des Freundes (Sherlock)
written by [ profile] callisto24, performed by [ profile] Dunderklumpen
Summary: Sherlock und Watson finden sich jeweils im Körper des anderen wieder. Die Frage ist warum?

Object Permanence (The Avengers, Captain America, Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] roboticonography, performed by [ profile] blackglass
Summary: Steve's sudden interest in tattoos is actually not all that sudden.
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Quest For The Crowns (Hockey)
written by [ profile] jedusaur, performed by [ profile] marianas
Summary: Seabs has 'em.

Towers and Teabags (Sherlock)
written by [ profile] frozenphire, performed by [ profile] belladonnanoir
4226 words/0:27:55
Summary: In which there’s a high level of tea consumption and Sherlock is (shockingly to everyone but John, really) just a little bit baffled.

Life's Not Fare (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] reliand, performed by [ profile] Jinxy
2667 words/0:22:13
Summary: Being a werewolf is lonely, being a cabbie is lonelier.
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First Drafts of the Quick-Quotes Quill (Harry Potter)
written by [ profile] Primeideal, performed by [ profile] Magicranberries
1136 words/0:08:02
Summary: Fred and George weren't the only pair of inventors in their family. They weren't even the first to experiment in wartime.

De Facto (Sherlock/Skyfall)
written by [ profile] Frozenphire, performed by [ profile] Sk_lee
11720 words/1:19:53
Summary: In which there is a distinct lack of James Bond, Q really wants a warmer jumper, John and Sherlock are just stupid, and everyone is led on a wild goose chase by a chameleon. (It’s a lot more angsty than it sounds.)

Clothes Off! (Bandom)
written by [ profile] Girlpearl, performed by [ profile] Girlpearl, [ profile] Melusina, and [ profile] Pennyplainknits
3573 words/0:18:58
Summary: Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz are the owners of two of Chicago's hottest strip clubs, and Pete is one of the dancers. abOUT magazine met up with Stump last weekend to ask him what it's like to be the accidental king of the new nude scene, and got the skinny from Wentz on tearaway pants, handsy customers, and sleeping with the boss.
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Sieben Siegel (Sherlock)
written by [ profile] unadrift, performed by [ profile] erica_schall and [ profile] unadrift
2712 words/0:24:49
Summary: Es ist ein Tag wie jeder andere, an dem Sherlock die Frage stellt.

hold down, look up (One Direction)
written by [ profile] daisysusan, performed by [ profile] Jenepod
3061 words/0:21:37
Summary: Harry, predictably enough, is something of a brat about being taller than Liam. Basically an excuse for (threesome) porn.

One Night in Gotham (Batman Beyond)
written by [ profile] Chibifukurou, performed by [ profile] Dr_Fumbles_McStupid
2996 words/0:18:25
Summary: Just one more, ordinary night in Gotham.
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Living on the Road With Demons (Bandom (Cobra Starship)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
written by [ profile] quintenttsy, performed by [ profile] reena_jenkins
4949 words/0:40:46
Summary: Probably Victoria's vehement protests that she is NOT a Slayer would hold more weight if she didn't, y'know, keep slaying things.

(or, an epic tale of LOVE and LOSS wherein there is ACTION! ADVENTURE! EMOTION! ORGIES! EMOTICONS!)

From the Voicemail of the British Government (Sherlock)
written by [ profile] lavvyan, performed by [ profile] in_the_bottle and [ profile] podlizzie
1941 words/0:14:54
Summary: A week in the life of two of Mycroft's minions as they report to his voicemail.

Another Time and Place (Doctor Who)
written by [ profile] smallearthcat, performed by [ profile] croissantkatie
1670 words/0:09:37
Summary: The Doctor remembers and discovers something disturbing about his memories.
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Welcome to the first day of reveals! Are you excited? WE'RE EXCITED.

A couple quick notes first: In order to not show preference to one art form over another, creators are listed in alphabetical order. Also, the podfic links posted on AO3 lead directly to the file, so please be sure to right-click (control click for Macs) and save to download the files.

Okay, ready? Here's goes!

Tales of Hell (Supernatural)
Created by [ profile] belladonnanoir (podficcer) and [personal profile] somnolentblue (author)
2200 words/16 min
Summary: Hell has stories, too.

A Conversation with Shirley MacClaine: Or How Adam, Katy And Kris Dealt With That Pesky Little Thing Called Fate (American Idol S8)
Created by [ profile] exmanhater (podficcer) and [ profile] idahophoenix (author)
9600 words/50 min
Summary: Katy enters the office and glances around a little nervously.  Coming here was Adam’s idea, not hers, and as seemed to happen so often these days, Kris jumped in to back Adam up—turning his puppy-dog brown eyes on her when she had stomped her feet and said “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”  Then Kris *the traitor*, had walked behind her and run his fingers through her hair.  Just as he knew it would, Katy had found her resolve melting until she just wanted to say YES to Kris and YES again about everything, forever and always.

Something One Creates (Sherlock BBC)
Created by [ profile] fleurrochard (podficcer) and [ profile] martinius (author)
1600 words/12 min
Summary: People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. ~Thomas Szasz, "Personal Conduct," The Second Sin, 1973


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