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I Break Pattern, I Break Ground (Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Star Wars - All Media Types)
written by [ profile] lady_ragnell, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: The Resistance has temporarily moved to Cloud City, and Rose finds herself in charge of getting their new fleet off the ground.

When the Planets Align (Naruto, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)
written by [ profile] opalsong, performed by [ profile] SomethingIncorporeal, [ profile] SisiRambles, [ profile] Annapods, [ profile] Robinfyre, [ profile] Litrapod, [ profile] Hangebokhan
Summary: “Once upon a time, in a world not centered upon the Earth, there was a princess. She was beautiful and kind. She ruled the Moon with her guards at her side, one for each of the planets, and her beloved Prince of Earth supporting her.Moon twisted into a whirlpool and Earth fanned the flames. Mercury was lost to snow and Mars to sand. Venus reveled in spring and Neptune bathed in the sea. Jupiter made a home in the mountain and Uranus in the field. Saturn grew a thousand hands and Pluto eschewed all limbs. And thus the court was lost to the Earth and all it contained. Once day, when the time is right, the planets are healed and the Rabbit of the Dark begins to stir, the court will rise again and remember.”

Buzzer Beater (Miraculous Ladybug)
written by [ profile] socchan, performed by [ profile] litra
Summary: In what Marinette suspects is a bid to learn the identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Gabriel Agreste is sponsoring a competition through the Ladyblog to find the biggest (and most knowledgeable) fans of Paris' superheros. With the grand prize an artifact that could potentially be of great use to the Miraculous users, Marinette enters the competition.

Soulmates Are Complicated (Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] bookgirlfan, performed by [ profile] chimeraspeak
Summary: aka, why Sam's life is simultaneously the best and the worst thing ever.

The Werewolf Prince's Bachelor Party (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] thedeadparrot, performed by [ profile] silverandblue
Summary: Weddings are stressful. Alex and Brendan are not dealing with it well. A joint bachelor party is definitely what they need, right?

Off the Record (Star Trek: The Original Series)
written by [ profile] Calliatra, performed by [ profile] wingedwords
Summary: Chief Medical Officer’s log, Stardate 2336.7.

Despite what persnickety engineering statistics and a stratospherically suspicious Captain may be suggesting, operations in Sickbay continue to be just as routine as reported every day for the last three weeks.
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when the trees bow down their heads (Dragaera - Steven Brust)
written by [ profile] resistate, performed by [ profile] frecklebomb
Summary: Three times Kiera steals something for Cawti and one time she steals something for herself.

Secret Shopper (Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV))
written by [ profile] Jadesfire, performed by [ profile] fulldaysdrive
Summary: Their eyes met over the bathroom accessories.

Definitely Perfect (Critical Role (Web Series))
written by [ profile] Jadesfire, performed by [ profile] blackglass, [ profile] Jadesfire
Summary: Percy is going to make sure that his wedding is absolutely, totally, 100% perfect.
His friends may not survive the experience.

Hair of the Dog (Dragon Age II)
written by [ profile] Jaden56, performed by [ profile] RsCreighton
Summary: (none)

Watch your step (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] Vidriana, performed by [ profile] frecklebomb
Summary: “Come on, this isn’t funny anymore,” the man gasps out, running now to catch up with William. “This forest is fucking creepy. We should get out of here.”
William can’t quite suppress a smile. “You could try to leave,” he suggests, not without humor, even though his companion is likely too scared to notice. “Though I doubt you’ll have much success.”
There’s a quick intake of breath. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

world i can call mine (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] savedby, performed by [ profile] frecklebomb
Summary: Moving out to his own place was supposed to give Zach a little respite from a house with four brothers. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work out like that. It turns out that Zach is apparently the only hockey player north of the border who knows how to cook or do his own laundry.
It’s not all that bad, granted. They can clean, with some supervision. For example, Auston is very particular about always sweeping and mopping up the floors, and Mitch has a fantastic talent for folding laundry into animal shapes.
Actually, most nights it’s just Auston and Mitch that come over, help with dishes and laundry and whatever needs doing. In hindsight, that should have been some sort of clue.

The Bridges of Paddington Basin (Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch)
written by [ profile] Jadesfire, performed by [ profile] originally
Summary: I don't think anyone else in London honestly looked at one of the footbridges in Paddington Basin and thought 'temporary holding cell'. Then again, most people aren't my boss.

Rabbit Season (The Charioteer - Mary Renault)
written by [ profile] apiphile, performed by [ profile] Sunquistadora
Summary: Some years after he was confronted by the reality of his not-quite relationship with Laurie Odell, Andrew Raynes finds himself once again facing the man he punched over the revelation; but circumstances have changed, and he's called upon to find some of the better nature he believes he has.
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wasn't anger but a longing (Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] girlmarauders, performed by [ profile] Lucifuge5
Summary: Natasha and Steve go on a finding Bucky roadtrip, Natasha worries about the men she loves.

Live Through This and You Won't Look Back (Shameless (US) )
written by [ profile] Ritterssport, performed by [ profile] Sunquistadora
Summary: Mandy is so tired of throwing herself out of herself. Like she’s going fishing—sticking herself on the hook and casting into deep cold water like a dad on a father-and-son bonding trip from a hundred years ago. Hurling herself as an offering at Lip, because every so often he takes the bait and bites.
It takes a while for it to sink in that she’s tired of bruises, too.
Or: Mandy Milkovich only knows how to fix things with violence, but at least she can fix things (by murdering her abusive boyfriend.)

Sweet Sweet Love (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] lightgetsin, performed by [ profile] Hananobira, [ profile] cmshaw, [ profile] Pennyplainknits
Summary: "Sweet, sweet love," Jamie repeats, because really there's no option here but to own it. He raises an eyebrow. "You in?" He leans closer. "Dare you."
"Oh," Tyler says, sitting up straight. "It is on."

We Just Lost the Beat (Daredevil (TV))
written by [ profile] lady_ragnell, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: Matt hears a lot in the city at night, sirens and crime--and the late-night radio show Foggy With a Chance, which sometimes runs a Daredevil Watch if he's been particularly active, but which mostly plays music. He probably shouldn't call in and request a song, but he does it anyway.
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Guessing Games (Daredevil (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] teshumai, performed by [ profile] dapatty
Summary: They have a game for days like this.

pour myself a cup of ambition (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] Merideath, performed by [ profile] blackglass
Summary: Taking the job had been a decision well made. Answering the phone...not so much.
Or 5+1 phonecalls in the work life of one Darcy Lewis.

Sparks Fly (The 100 (TV))
written by [ profile] bgonemydear, performed by [ profile] peacefulboo
Summary: Bellamy and Clarke have lived with their magic for almost a century, but Clarke's control starts to slip when Raven Reyes comes into their lives.

The 12 Cosplay Puns Your Dad Would Totally Make (Teen Wolf (TV))
written by [ profile] kellifer_fic, performed by [ profile] readbythilia
Summary: I snuck out when he was asleep because I was going to surprise him with coffee and breakfast and now I... can't find his place.

Pass It On (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] thefourthvine, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: Ninety percent of everyone's problems could be solved by a robot that just texted NO to hockey players on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Sidney didn't have a robot
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As ever, we're sad to see this round end, but we're thrilled to leave you with some terrific party favors!

Wicked Game (Supernatural)
written by [ profile] mangacat, performed by [ profile] silkylustre
Summary: Sam tries to thank the stars that his newly demonic brother has apparently decided to fixate on him instead of wreaking havoc all over the country, but he is under no illusion that life with a demonic version of Dean is very likely going to be… well, hell.

No One Has Ever Had Enough Coffee For Dating Advice (Teen Wolf, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor)
written by [ profile] dapatty, performed by [ profile] sunquistadora
Summary: Stiles was pretty sure that he's even the last person he'd ask for dating advice, but that doesn't seem to be stopping Sif though.

Guardians of the Coffee Shop (Teen Wolf, Guardians of the Galaxy)
written by [ profile] dapatty, performed by [ profile] sunquistadora
Summary: That time the Guardians of the Galaxy showed up at the coffee shop Stiles worked at. No really.

So You Think You Can Dance 104th Finale (Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan, So You Think You Can Dance RPF)
written by [ profile] syr, performed by [ profile] opalsong
Summary: Sad days everyone, the So You Think You Can Dance finale aired tonight. The finalists took the stage for the last time, dancing the best routines of the season. And we had some whoppers. This might be the best season of the show I've ever seen.

I always get a bit of kick of the sight of the judge's table crammed with as many bodies as... [READ MORE]

Friendship Set on Fire (The Avengers)
written by [ profile] circ_bamboo, performed by [ profile] circ_bamboo, [ profile] blackglass, [ profile] reena_jenkins
Summary: Pepper, with stabilized Extremis, asks Natasha for help sparring. It turns out they have a little more interest in each other than that.

Chapter 1: Enhanced Multimedia Experience
Chapter 2: Plain Text Version and Full Length Podfic download

Too Much Woman (Assassin's Creed)
written by [ profile] jedusaur, performed by [ profile] originally
Summary: The woman who never was has a few things to say about not being.

La Belleza, La Bestia (Beauty and the Beast)
written by [ profile] AlexSeanchai (EllieMurasaki), performed by [ profile] originally
Summary: Upon the selfish woman, curse is cast.

101 Sub Moves Guaranteed to Get Your Dom (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] dancinbutterfly, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: Tyler finds the list in a magazine and thinks "why not". He's a sub without a Dom and he wants one rather badly. Turns out the Dom he thought of isn't the one he really wants.
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written by [ profile] bestliars, performed by [ profile] bessyboo, [ profile] thebiasedbaby, with additional help by [ profile] stellarer
Summary: We're taking a break from our summer break to bring you a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE all about the big news from Zach Parise and Ryan Suter of the Minnesota Wild.

Entanglement (Sherlock Holmes (Downey films))
written by [ profile] unsettled, performed by [ profile] starduchess
Summary: A collection of 12 poems and drabbles in the lives of Sherlock and company.

What If We Love Like Fools? (The Avengers, Captain America, Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] IndigoNight, performed by [ profile] paraka
Summary: When Sam had said he went where Cap did, he had meant it. Steve, apparently, had not. Steve leaves Sam behind when he goes to look for Bucky, which is just as well, because Bucky comes looking for Sam.
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Hold Me In Your Arms (Bandom)
written by [ profile] dapatty, performed by [ profile] lucifuge5
Summary: Chosen Family/Pack/Team/Urban Fantasy/Girls are Rad AU because why not. Title from song by the Black Keys by the same name.

You So Quite New (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] thefourthvine, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: Teemu Selanne's midlife crisis: leftover elf parts.

There'll Be Fireworks When You Come Home (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] geckoholic, performed by [ profile] brassmama
Summary: They've set out to look for Bucky, but for now, that's not what they find.
Post-TWS road trip fic, of sorts.
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A Comical Interruption (DCU (Comics), Marvel (Comics), Batman - All Media Types, Hawkeye (Comics), Star Trek: Alternate Original Series)
written by [ profile] skyunicorn, performed by [ profile] canadasuperhero
Summary: Bones just wanted a quiet vacation. Was that too much to ask?

more than only fair (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] duckgirlie, performed by [ profile] professorbutterscotch
Summary: It's an eleven hour time difference between Cabo and Sochi, and Jamie and Tyler are playing phone tag.
“I’ll try and call you from Newark, but just in case you’re still sleeping, or I can’t get service, have fun in Mexico, and I’ll see you soon. Bye.”

when the sky falls down (My Chemical Romance)
written by [ profile] akamine_chan, performed by [ profile] lucifuge5
Summary: Sometimes Frank can be an asshole.
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Well, that was a fun party! And now, on our final day, we have 8 amazing Party Favors to send you home with :)

The Fairest Of Them All (Snow White)
written by [ profile] EllieMurasaki, performed by [ profile] Anna_unfolding
2788 words/0:18:05
Summary: Gwyneira, Cymran princess, and her seven friends
must flee lest she be murdered by her mother queen.
How can they keep her safe? How can she get her throne?

Price of Admittance (Supernatural)
written by [ profile] Morrezela, performed by [ profile] Eosrose
3067 words/0:21:58
Summary: Sam wasn't picking up on Dean's attempts to make things a bit less brotherly between them. Then Dean figured out the perfect way to declare his affections.

wanna hear you sing the praise (Bandom)
written by [ profile] Akamine_chan, performed by [ profile] Eosrose
1659 words/0:13:04
Summary: The forest has been calling to Frank all of his life. Now, he's listening.

A Little Tenderness (Bandom)
written by [ profile] Lucifuge5, performed by [ profile] Looneyngilo2
1097 words/0:07:33
Summary: They were pale blue when they first appeared on the sides of Ray's torso at age 10. As Ray's gotten older, the blue is a darker, richer hue.

5 poems about awesome ladies (Merlin, Disney Princesses, Teen Wolf, Fandom)
written by [ profile] Yue_ix, performed by [ profile] Paraka
953 words/poems approximately 0:00:30 each
Summary: Ce projet pod-together est une première collaboration entre Paraka et moi, suite à une conversation Twitter où l'une de nous s'est exprimée vouloir faire des poèmes et l'autre faire quelque chose en Français. Alors nous voilà, avec 5 poèmes en Français et en Anglais discutant de différentes facettes moins explorées de certaines de nos personnages favorites. Étant toutes les deux bilingues, notre projet l'est également, et nous faisons ici une distinctions: les versions Fr-En se ressemblent mais ne sont pas des traductions l'une de l'autre (parralèles plutôt que miroir)! J'espère que vous aimerez le résultats de nos efforts. :)

This pod-together project is a first collaboration between Paraka and me, as a result of a Twitter conversation where one of us wanted to do poems and the other something French. So here we go with 5 French and English poems about some of our favourite female characters. Since we're both bilingual, so's our project - take note that while both Engish and French versions are alike, they aren't direct translations of each other. I hope you'll enjoy our work.

Count Each Suture As A Badge Of Honor (Graceland)
written by [ profile] Reena_jenkins, performed by [ profile] Readbyanalise010
527 words/0:04:02
Summary: The best way to sell a cover is to believe it yourself.

Homecoming (Pacific Rim)
written by [ profile] Busaikko, performed by [ profile] Knight_tracer
2221 words/0:16:50
Summary: Raleigh comes home with Mako for O-bon.

Failstaff (Hockey)
written by [ profile] Petra, performed by [ profile] Bessyboo
1231 words/0:09:14
Summary: Patrick Kane tries to give a St. Crispin's Day speech and ends up as Falstaff. Sort of.
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Quest For The Crowns (Hockey)
written by [ profile] jedusaur, performed by [ profile] marianas
Summary: Seabs has 'em.

Towers and Teabags (Sherlock)
written by [ profile] frozenphire, performed by [ profile] belladonnanoir
4226 words/0:27:55
Summary: In which there’s a high level of tea consumption and Sherlock is (shockingly to everyone but John, really) just a little bit baffled.

Life's Not Fare (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] reliand, performed by [ profile] Jinxy
2667 words/0:22:13
Summary: Being a werewolf is lonely, being a cabbie is lonelier.
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A Brief Introduction to Online Fantasy Hockey (Hockey)
written by [ profile] scintilla10, performed by [ profile] applegeuse, [ profile] fishpatrol
3775 words/0:29:40
Summary: In which Sidney and Geno join the same online fantasy hockey league. And fall in love.

Letters of a Doomed Love (The Wicked Years Series)
written by [ profile] ariestess, performed by [ profile] froggyfun365
1026 words/0:09:15
Summary: It became a chronicle of the changes in our lives.

Signals and Static (Transmissions from the Neon) (Bandom/Killjoys)
written by [ profile] akamine_chan, performed by [ profile] erica_schall
2713 words/0:24:37
Summary: Life in the Zones can be. . .interesting.
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Life is a Dance Floor (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] Thisissirius, performed by [ profile] Bessyboo
14032 words/1:18:21
Summary: The first time I met Jonathan Toews, he let a door close in my face. Not one of those metaphorical doors that get shut ‘cause I’m a girl in the NHL, but a literal door.

Contamination Issues (Avengers)
written by [ profile] Elistaire, performed by [ profile] Pensnest
3148 words/0:17:45
Summary: Dr. Rosalind Elliot, Lab Director and Chief Analyst, has the dubious task of giving a lab tour to Dr. Bruce Banner and Mr. Tony Stark. Dr. Banner is all right. Too bad she thinks Tony Stark is a lower life form than a grub.

And perhaps too much science has made Dr. Elliot a bit near-sighted.

An Affair to Remember (Glee)
written by [ profile] Likeasouffle, performed by [ profile] Likeasouffle, [ profile] Klb, and [ profile] Izbit
1052 words/0:07:41
Summary: Kurt, Blaine, and Adam make a recording for Adam to take with him when he leaves the country, just something for him to remember his friends by. There's singing, and accidental flirting, and between them they end up getting convincing Kurt to do a little demonstration...
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switch on the sky (Hockey)
written by [ profile] Daisysusan, performed by [ profile] Madecunningly
1659 words/0:12:43
Summary: Five conversations between Zach Parise and Ryan Suter.

Sticks & Stones: The Building of a Kingdom (Fairy Tales)
written by [ profile] Somnolentblue, performed by [ profile] Fleurrochard, visual art by [ profile] Gigglingkat
6014 words/0:39:43
Summary: Greetings, and welcome to Sticks & Stones: The Building of a Kingdom*, the inaugural exhibit of the newly renovated Museum of the Kingdoms.

Making Roommate Lemonade (Bandom)
written by [ profile] Ermengarde, performed by [ profile] Dapatty
3839 words/0:23:42
Summary: Wherein Ryan ditches Spencer to live with a girl so Spencer is stuck with this guy that no one's ever heard of (not even Mikey, and Mikey knows everyone).
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Call Me Maybe (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] Duckgirlie, performed by [ profile] Knight_tracer and [ profile] Duckgirlie
1479 words/0:14:45
Summary: Communication is one of those things that you can't really do on your own.

Uninvited (Elementary)
written by [ profile] TheArcher and [ profile] Paperclipbitch, performed by [ profile] Sunquistadora and [ profile] Croissantkatie
4065 words/0:24:45

The Briar Rose Club (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] House_of_lantis, performed by [ profile] Jenepod
6181 words/0:40:36
Summary: Everyone told him that college was a time for experimentation and personal growth, the first step towards adulthood and the real world. Stiles Stilinski is a freshman and he leaps into the fire with both feet, drawn in by the sexy and mysterious Derek Hale, who also happens to be the toppiest Dom and also the president of the university’s BDSM club. What began as a healthy curiosity for the kinky and the perverted turns into a journey of self-discovery as Stiles learns about and accepts his kinks and who he wants to teach him to truly submit.
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All Talk (Hockey)
written by [ profile] Thefourthvine, performed by [ profile] Knight_tracer
5919 words/0:41:57
Summary: Ringing the changes on phone sex.

As Real as it Gets (Star Trek Reboot)
written by [ profile] Faeryqueen07, performed by [ profile] Dark_Dreymer
9572 words/0:56:08
Summary: For as long as he can remember, there's been this part of Leonard that he's been trying desperately not to acknowledge. He thinks if he can bury it down deep enough, then nothing is wrong with him. Trust Jim to figure him out, to piece together all the clues Leonard doesn't know he's leaving and prove there's nothing wrong with him after all. There's just more to Leonard that meets the eye.

Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City (Bandom)
written by [ profile] Samanthahirr, performed by [ profile] Croissantkatie
3580 words/0:25:38
Summary: Gerard had every intention of calling out sick today. The last Employee Appreciation Day / Team Building Exercise had pushed him one trust-fall too far, and he'd vowed that was the last team-building activity HR would ever drag him into. Never again. No way.

…until this year's activity turned out to be his role-playing kryptonite.

An AU meet-cute at a Murder Mystery Party set in a speakeasy during the Roaring Twenties.


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