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Living on the Road with Demons (Bandom/Buffy the Vampire Slayer) written by [ profile] quintenttsy and performed by [ profile] reena-jenkis | 5,004 words | 0:40:46


Probably Victoria's vehement protests that she is NOT a Slayer would hold more weight if she didn't, y'know, keep slaying things.

(or, an epic tale of LOVE and LOSS wherein there is ACTION! ADVENTURE! EMOTION! ORGIES! EMOTICONS!)

This is a hilarous crossover, set after BtVS's final season, in which Victoria Asher is not only a Slayer but also in a poly relationship with her bandmates. It's adorable without being sappy. Also, the balance between the fandoms is more than enough to make it a delight to read AND listen if you might be in the mood for some kickass shenanigans with bonus!orgies. (In my book, I call that a WIN/WIN!)

[ profile] quintenttsy wrote a dizzying not!fic that also throws in Scooby-Doo references and very fitting emoticons. Victoria is amazing as the Slayer keytarrist with four boyfriends who are all kinds of adorable.

Meanwhile, [ profile] reena-jenkins's read is genius. She's got the right enthusiasm and reading style to make the story come alive. In addition, there's also an extra blooper reel that rounds out one of the grooviest podfics out there.

Feel free to check both fanworks out and give props to the creators if you dig it. Remember, feedback is love. :D!
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Sanctuary (Supernatural) written by [ profile] Ebyru and performed by [ profile] Ktown | 1,901 words | 0:12:01


Castiel reflects on his new environment and situation.

This isn’t the first time he’s been stuck somewhere, but it’s the first time he’s had Dean as company.

This story is muted and introspective, focusing on Castiel and Dean in Purgatory, and [ profile] Ktown perfectly voices the quiet atmosphere of the story. It's an exploration of the roles that Dean and Castiel take on as they try to survive the cold and dangers of Purgatory, a reflection of how they're so much stronger together than apart.

The technical aspects of this fanwork are perfect; the sound levels and editing are well done and well-suited to the story. There was the use of special effects in the story, but it just added to the atmosphere. This was an enjoyable listen from beginning to end.

Even if you aren't in the Supernatural fandom, this is still an excellent fanwork to experience. Go check it out, and remember to leave feedback for the creators - they worked hard on creating this project.
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Every Step of the Way (Person of Interest) written by [ profile] maekala and performed by [ profile] podcath | 2,017 words | 0:13:06


Picks up at the end of the episode "Cura Te Ipsum" and follows what happened after the screen went black. Finch supports Reese's decision and stays with him every step of the way.

I'll be the first one to say that I'm not familiar with this fandom at all. Still, I couldn't help but be reeled in by this fanwork. It's pretty somber but honest at the same time. The characters are fully realized so I can only imagine how satisfying this fanwork will be to someone in the PoI fandom.

[ profile] maekala wrote a story about the darker side of having an intimate bond with someone else. It's a fascinating look at the different ways people support each other.

[ profile] podcath's read is intense in its quietness. The use of Mark Balla's "Every Step of the Way" at the beginning and end of the podfic is clever because it underlines Finch's (and, to a certain extent, Reese's) thoughts and emotions beautifully.

Thought not a particularly happy fanwork, the implied trust between Finch and Reese adds enough comfort for it to be an enjoyable read and listen.

Don't forget to leave some feedback to the creators if you dig this fanwork. :D!
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An Offer You Can Never Refuse (SPN RPF) written by [ profile] akintay and performed by [ profile] applegeuse and [ profile] fishpatrol | 7233 words | 0:49:13


Jared is a damn good thief – smart and rational, if a bit cocky. With Jensen at his side, he's even better.

This fanwork alternates between the past and the present, and the performers alternate sections, which is a wonderful way to aurally differentiate the timelines. The fanwork borrows from one of my favorite tropes, jewel/art thieves, a classic since Cary Grant charmed Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief.

The fanwork tells the story of how Jensen and Jared meet, steal from the rich, and eventually, steal each other's hearts. As one does. :D

The writing is sweet and hot, and [ profile] applegeuse's and [ profile] fishpatrol's performances are lovely. One of the things I liked was how unique each voice was, how each performer had a different style and pacing. And in spite of the differences, [ profile] applegeuse and [ profile] fishpatrol managed to weave the story together into a cohesive whole.

The editing was excellent in this fanwork; the sound levels were consistent between performers and their voices were crisp and clear which complimented the writing. Their enjoyment of the story comes through loud and clear and adds so much passion to the fanwork.

Even if you aren't in the SPN RPF fandom, this is still an excellent fanwork to experience. Go check it out, and remember to leave feedback for the creators - they worked hard on creating this project.
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Matrjoschka (Harry Potter) written by [ profile] ischa and performed by [ profile] wench-fics | 6,024 words | 0:47:15


In which Draco gets cursed into a Russian Nesting Doll.

Set post-The Deathly Hallows, this is a fanwork with an HP-worthy premise, lots of humour and a poly 'ship that works from every angle.

[ profile] ischa wrote a fic with grown-up versions of Draco, Luna and Harry. She's given them enough maturity to be believable as adults while still retaining their personality. Therefore, Draco is a little bit of a snob, Harry can't help but come to a friend's aid and Luna's inherent quirkiness has blossomed in a beautiful way.

For her part, [ profile] weaslywench's reading is en point. She has a delivery that brings out the funny parts (such as Draco's exasperation with/admiration of Luna's weirdness) as well as the naughty ones (Luna and Harry's tumble in bed).

This is a cool fanwork that plays up with AU without going OTT. Do go an check it out. Don't forget to leave kudos/comments if you dig it. :D!
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i tell time on my broken watch (somehow friends still find me) (Social Network) written by [ profile] flyingthesky and performed by [ profile] knight_tracer | 708 words | 04:30


"You're blue. And fuzzy. And you have a tail."

Eduardo kind of wishes that this was not his life, but his life is incredibly peculiar sometimes and his holographic inducer is very much not working at the moment.

This is a sweet and funny fanwork, focusing on what happens when Eduardo accidentally gets outed as a mutant. Eduardo's fear, and Dustin's rather blasé acceptance of Eduardo's blue fuzziness comes through clearly in the fanwork, and the rest of the fanwork is giggle-inducing sweetness.

I loved the different mutant powers ascribed to the different characters and Dustin's openess. The pacing of the story is perfect and the sound levels are clear. A charming fanwork that was a lot of fun to listen to.

Even if you aren't in the Social Network fandom, this is still an excellent fanwork to experience. Go check it out, and remember to leave feedback for the creators - they worked hard on creating this project.
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With Their Blue Tattoos (Bandom) written by [ profile] girlmarauders and performed by [ profile] argentumlupine | 3,649 words | 0:22:55


An AU in which Mikey and Frank are tattoo artists with a shop together.

This is a very cool fanwork. It's the kind of great AU than anyone can enjoy whether or not they're in the fandom.

[ profile] girlmarauders crafted a story in which we see how tattoos influence and transform everything in Mikeyway's life: from his friendship with Frank and his connection to Gerard to his separate (yet equally intense) relationships with Pete Wentz and Alicia Simmons.

Meanwhile, [ profile] argentumlupine's reading is superb. Not only because she builds up the story by giving Brian a slightly snarky monotone and Bob a deep one, but also because she lets Mikeyway's love for anything tattoo-related shine through.

Don't forget to leave feedback if you dig this awesomecakes fanwork! :D!
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geeks will geek (and Tony Stark will create reasons for them to) (Avengers) written by [ profile] flyingthesky and performed by [ profile] canadasuperhero | 1730 words | 0:14:15


Drunken app coding. Marshmallow machine guns. Great Lakes shipping mishaps. Many many people yelling Tony's name.

It's pretty much a regular day at the ThinkGeek offices.

Or, the one in which the Avengers are employees at ThinkGeek.

One of the best things about this fanwork is the way that the music is an integral part of the story. It sets the mood and tone for each section, but mostly, it's what Tony has blasting in his workshop at any given moment.

This is a geeky and funny twist on the Avengers, with Tony as the CEO of ThinkGeek, who just wants to be left alone to build his toys, while his talented staff work hard at shooting each other with marshmallow machine guns and Nerf dart-guns.

I was impressed with the way [ profile] canadasuperhero managed to create extremely subtle character voices - the way she voiced Pepper was spot on - that made listening to this wacky fanwork so enjoyable.

I loved Tony's creations (Schrödinger's Cat app FTW) and all the other little quirks that [ profile] flyingthesky infused the fanwork with.

The pacing is perfect, the music works, and the sound levels are clear. The fanwork was a lot of fun to experience

Even if you aren't in the Avengers (or ThinkGeek) fandom, this is still an excellent fanwork to experience. Go check it out, and remember to leave feedback for the creators - they worked hard on creating this project.
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Perspective Shift (Bandom) written by [ profile] melusina and performed by [ profile] girlpearl | 3,628 words | 0:21:24


Brendon didn't mean to lie. He was just a little naive, okay?

This is the flipside to New Perspective--which I talked about here. We've already heard Spencer's version. Now it's time to for Brendon to tell us what happened.

The tone in [ profile] melusina's fic is more comedic than in the other story. I don't know if it was intentional, but it really suits Brendon. There's a particular tenderness in the middle of the wacky misadventures he endures while trying to find out what's up with Spencer. And it's really interesting seeing who he seeks help from.

[ profile] girlpearl's reading is absolutely perfect. She's got a voice and a style that brings out the LOLarious aspects of the story as well as the romantic ones.

It's a fantastic collaboration and a wonderful fanwork.

Check it out. Even if you're not in the fandom, you might end up diging it. Don't forget: feedback is love. :D!
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Carry Me Home (Stargate Atlantis) written by [ profile] busaikko and performed by [ profile] mific | 2297 words | 16:01


John's lying to Ronon.

This fanwork is an excellent example of the way good storytelling can transport the audience, evoking atmosphere and emotion with the creative use of words and sound.

I really enjoyed the use of sound effects in this fanwork, the way it pushed the story from disturbing to outright creepy, and [ profile] mific's pacing and voicework are amazing. She gives each character their own voice and imbues them with emotion, viewed through the perceptions of the narrator.

[ profile] busaikko has always been an exceptional writer and this story in which Ronon is injured and John tries to take care of him and keep everything together is no exception. The plot thickens and unfolds in a deliciously tense way, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat.

[ profile] mific took her words and transformed them into a spellbinding experience. The special effects really add to the drama, the editing and sound quality is great and the cover suits the fanwork perfectly.

Even if you aren't in the SGA fandom, this is still an excellent fanwork to experience. Go check it out, and remember to leave feedback for the creators - they worked hard on creating this project.
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New Perspective (Bandom) written by [ profile] girlpearl and performed by [ profile] melusina | 4,214 words | 0:24:19


Spencer’s not proud of this, but it took him a while to accept Brendon’s sexuality.

[ profile] girlpearl and [ profile] melusina's collaboration is a truly fascinating one. They wrote the same fic from two different perspectives and then, podficced each other's story. I'll talk about Brendon's side of the story in my next Spotlight post.

[ profile] girlpearl's prose is clever yet tenderhearted. She gives us a story about Spencer trying to accept his feelings for Brendon while being unable to stop pining for him. He thinks he's done a good job of 'moving on'...until a new band member shows him that's not quite the case.

[ profile] melusina's reading of this story is nothing short of brilliant. Her tone of voice is a perfect fit for Spencer's confusion about Brendon's sexual orientation (and how that affects him.) She has a conversational podficcing style that enhances the funnier aspects of the story.

This is one collaborative fanwork that is most deffo worth checking out whether or not you're not in the fandom. Don't forget that feedback is love. :D!
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Loki's Tale (Avengers Movieverse) written by [ profile] lc2l and performed by [ profile] cantarina | 7367 words |0:49:32

I presume some poor bard has been forced to recite Thor's account of the events of Midguard to these fine people. Perhaps, in the spirit of unbiased storytelling, they would like to hear mine.

After all, every man is the hero of his own story.

In which Loki gives his perspective on the events of the Avengers in the form of an epic poem.

There could have been no better project to kick off these Spotlights, because Loki's Tale takes both podficcing and writing back to its roots, back to the tradition of storytelling and I found myself fascinated with this fanwork. It's appropriate that the story takes the form of an epic poem, and the rhythm of the words spoken out loud was captivating. The way Loki recounts the events of the movie through his eyes manages to reveal so much about his character and motivations.

I really enjoyed the way this fanwork used multiply-voiced characters interacting with each other to frame and set the stage for the heart of the story.

The writing was excellent, down to the creative use of kennings (such as 'silver-tongued liar'), the technical aspects of the project (sound levels and editing) were clean and well done and the cover is elegant.

Even if you aren't in the Avengers fandom, this is still an excellent fanwork to experience. Go check it out, and remember to leave feedback for the creators - they worked hard on creating this project.
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Hello again, beautiful pod_togatherers!

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback in the Debriefing Post (and, if you haven't had a chance to share your thoughts yet, feel free to head over at any time and add them!) We've already made a few changes to our future plans for the challenge based on your feedback, and one of those plans involves a new feature that I'm going to introduce right now!

This year, there were so many projects that it became a little overwhelming to sort through them all as they were being posted. So [ profile] akamine_chan and [ profile] Lucifuge5 have volunteered to do a series of posts spotlighting one Pod Together 2012 project per week.

The projects will be selected at random, and once one is selected, that week's spotlighter will go through it and pull out what makes it special, and then will write up a post sharing that with the community. It should be a great way to make sure that each project posted this year gets its moment in the sun, and that those interested in the pod_together challenge have a way to navigate their way through this year's projects at a manageable pace!


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