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The Lies We Tell (due South)
written by [ profile] smallearthcat, performed by [ profile] Andeincascade
2510 words/0:20:30
Summary: Fraser lets Ray believe a lie, which has unexpected consequences.

anchors and stars (Bandom)
written by [ profile] akamine_chan, performed by [ profile] Rhea
3679 words/0:34:33
Summary: Gerard knew nothing but the ocean. He was born to the sea, he would die among the waves, and in between he would live his life in her cool embrace. It was the way of his people, from the beginning of time.

Suave Molecules of Mocha or Things the Sheriff Likes (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] Dunderklumpen, performed by [ profile] silkylustre
7428 words/1:00:34
Summary: One horrible day (a.k.a. Monday), Stiles' ridiculously expensive coffee maker breaks up with him. Desperate, he searches for a way to remedy the situation - and finds more than excellent cofffee. Now he only has to avoid being harrassed by his pack about a silly high school crush.
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Contentment (due South)
written by [ profile] Garonne, performed by [ profile] Andeincascade
3060 words/0:23:14
Summary: All you gotta do is ask, says Ray.
Intellectually, Fraser understands that, but it just doesn't seem to apply to him.

Kawa Kafé (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] auroradream, performed by [ profile] Dr_Fumbles_McStupid
1510 words/0:08:23
Summary: Kawa Kafé was Derek’s favorite coffee shop, despite the hipster clientele and the annoyingly attractive guy always on his computer who wouldn’t shut up and smells like Mate.

Also Into You (Bandom)
written by [ profile] gala_apples, performed by [ profile] Lucifuge5
1842 words/0:18:00
Summary: Ray's been intrigued by the mystery of what Frank's into for a while now. Turns out the answer is simple.
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Cautionary Tales (due South)
written by [ profile] Akamine_chan, performed by [ profile] Podfic_lover
Summary: The Inuit tribes from Repulse Bay have a story about a gluttonous half-wolf, the noisy ptarmigan, and the hare that got away.

If I Lay Here (Merlin)
written by [ profile] Samyazaz, performed by [ profile] Podfic_lover
1215 words/0:09:05
Summary: Gwen and Merlin give Arthur quite a wake-up call, the morning before he's set to leave on a quest.

Solstice, Equinox (Glee)
written by [ profile] Wintercreek, performed by [ profile] Izbit
1608 words/0:13:08
Summary: Blaine and Kurt and a look into the long process of personal revelation.

a collection of thoughts from the fucked over cast of teen wolf (Teen Wolf)
written by [ profile] Flyingthesky, performed by [ profile] Quintenttsy
2812 words/0:20:16


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