Sep. 9th, 2018

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I Break Pattern, I Break Ground (Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Star Wars - All Media Types)
written by [ profile] lady_ragnell, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: The Resistance has temporarily moved to Cloud City, and Rose finds herself in charge of getting their new fleet off the ground.

When the Planets Align (Naruto, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)
written by [ profile] opalsong, performed by [ profile] SomethingIncorporeal, [ profile] SisiRambles, [ profile] Annapods, [ profile] Robinfyre, [ profile] Litrapod, [ profile] Hangebokhan
Summary: “Once upon a time, in a world not centered upon the Earth, there was a princess. She was beautiful and kind. She ruled the Moon with her guards at her side, one for each of the planets, and her beloved Prince of Earth supporting her.Moon twisted into a whirlpool and Earth fanned the flames. Mercury was lost to snow and Mars to sand. Venus reveled in spring and Neptune bathed in the sea. Jupiter made a home in the mountain and Uranus in the field. Saturn grew a thousand hands and Pluto eschewed all limbs. And thus the court was lost to the Earth and all it contained. Once day, when the time is right, the planets are healed and the Rabbit of the Dark begins to stir, the court will rise again and remember.”

Buzzer Beater (Miraculous Ladybug)
written by [ profile] socchan, performed by [ profile] litra
Summary: In what Marinette suspects is a bid to learn the identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Gabriel Agreste is sponsoring a competition through the Ladyblog to find the biggest (and most knowledgeable) fans of Paris' superheros. With the grand prize an artifact that could potentially be of great use to the Miraculous users, Marinette enters the competition.

Soulmates Are Complicated (Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] bookgirlfan, performed by [ profile] chimeraspeak
Summary: aka, why Sam's life is simultaneously the best and the worst thing ever.

The Werewolf Prince's Bachelor Party (Hockey RPF)
written by [ profile] thedeadparrot, performed by [ profile] silverandblue
Summary: Weddings are stressful. Alex and Brendan are not dealing with it well. A joint bachelor party is definitely what they need, right?

Off the Record (Star Trek: The Original Series)
written by [ profile] Calliatra, performed by [ profile] wingedwords
Summary: Chief Medical Officer’s log, Stardate 2336.7.

Despite what persnickety engineering statistics and a stratospherically suspicious Captain may be suggesting, operations in Sickbay continue to be just as routine as reported every day for the last three weeks.


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