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Day 2's icebreaker questions are related to group work!

  1. What strengths you will bring to the group?

  2. What may make you difficult to work with? (And, if you want, how can your partner help you with these difficulties?)

  3. Have you ever collaborated on a fanwork with someone before? If so, describe what it was like, which things worked for you, which things didn't work as well.

  4. What are you hoping for from this collaboration experience? What would your dream version of a pod_together collaboration look like?

  5. What level of communication and feedback do you want/need from this partnership? What are some ways/tools you can use to achieve this (ie. scheduled contact, using google docs/drop box to share WIPs)?*

  6. If you unknowingly said something or suggested something for the project that made your partner uncomfortable, how would you want them to address you about it (or would you rather not know)?

*In the past, we've had quite a few hurt feelings from participants because their partner didn't acknowledge/feedback their part of the project. We highly encourage having a conversation about your feedback needs from your partner(s) now, so that this issue doesn't arise in your group!


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