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The written component of pod_together is due next Saturday, July 15th (unless you make arrangements for an extension). If the written component is already completed, feel free to upload early. Podfics are due August 13th, and are also welcome to be submitted early (remember, podfics posted by August 9th get earlier reveal dates!)

Projects will all be posted on AO3. If you don't have an account with AO3, then please let us know and we'll send you an invitation.

To submit your project, post the project to the Pod Together 2017 Collections, either by adding via this link or by listing Pod_Together2017 in the “Post to Collections/Challenges:" field.

Be sure to add all your group members as co-authors, and to hit submit when done; the challenge is set to unrevealed, so the project will show as a "Mystery Work" to anyone but the co-authors and mods. If you leave the project as a draft, the mods will not be able to see your project. If you don’t get the message shown in the image below, double check to be sure you’ve submitted everything properly.

Note: If your group is planning on posting an audio-only version of the final projects, the group members may set up an empty post at AO3 and then to email the text to us.

Once the audio component of the project is ready, you can email the mods at pod.together at gmail dot com.

You can send us a link to your podfic and the cover art if you have any. If you feel that your podfic would benefit from multiple streams, please specify in your email when handing it in. The mods will email you back with links and the streaming code. We ask that everyone leave their podfic up for at least 6 months, however after that if you ever want/need to have it taken down, please email pod.together at gmail dot com and it'll be removed right away. Also remember that, if an emergency ever arises where the link needs to be made unavailable immediately, you will be able to edit the AO3 post to remove the embeds and download links to the podfic right away.

Or, if you have your own hosting (which meets these criteria), let us know in the email you’ve added the audio to your project. You don’t need to include the files in your email.

Once you have the direct downloads and streaming code ready, they can be added to the top of the AO3 entry, or throughout the entry as required. Be sure to add the links/streaming code to the main works body—the streaming code won’t work if it’s in the notes or summary sections.

If you’ve never posted to AO3 before, or if you’d like some visual aids, here are 2013's step-by-step instructions for how. Just be sure to update the dates and submit to the correct collection.


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