Jun. 5th, 2018

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Sign-ups now closed

Before signing up, please take a moment to review the Rules/FAQ post

Sign ups close Saturday June 23rd. The timeline of the entire challenge can be found here.

There are 2 kinds of sign ups; this is for those looking to be matched up into a partnership or group. If you already have a complete group, please sign up for the group sign ups (which open June 17th).

One of the questions below asks “How much interaction would you ideally like with your partner, on a scale from 1 to 5?” where 1 is minimal interaction and 5 is frequent contact. Here are some examples of what that interaction might look like:
1 - initial discussions of favorite fandoms and tropes, but only sharing status reports during check-ins and final products after that point
3 - discussions of fandoms and tropes, discussion of any particular method to optimize the text for audio, suggestions and feedback given as a beta reader/listener. Communicating a couple times a week.
5 - highly collaborative throughout the entire process, with the podficcer(s) providing input on story ideas or making suggestions of what should happen next, with the writer(s) giving input on the direction or mood of the performance, and with both giving lots of encouragement and feedback. Communicating almost daily.

Please fill out the following information:

DW/twitter/tumblr Names: (as many as apply)
AO3 Username: (please indicate if one is needed, and we’ll hook you up with an invite)
Writer/Podficcer/Both/Either: (If you choose both, we will assign you to two groups, one as a writer, one as a podficcer. If you chose either, we will assign you to one group as either a writer or a podficcer.)
Email Address:
Fandoms: (please list as many as you're willing to work with, if you are picky about pairings [or lack there of] please indicate so here and the mods will try to take that into consideration)
Are you willing to be assigned to more than one group?
Are you ok with having more than one writer/podficcer in the group? (please specify which one, or both)
Are you interested in less-traditional-to-podfic formats? (for example: filk, poetry, script and/or radio play format, meta. Feel free to specify which ones if you want.)
Would you like the mods to email you important updates when they are posted to the comm? (For example: check-in posts, icebreaker week activities, posting instructions)
How much interaction would you ideally like with your partner, on a scale from 1 to 5? (1 being minimal interaction and 5 being frequent contact)
Additional Comments: (if you have any preferences or notes to mods let us know here.)


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