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This Canadian Life #238: Hard Core Logo, Twenty Years On (Hard Core Logo (1996))
written by [ profile] bestliars, performed by [ profile] bessyboo
Summary: Today on This Canadian Life, a reflection on the legacy of Hard Core Logo twenty years after Joe Dick's death.

Lost History: Captain America Edition (Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies))
by [ profile] Firefox, [ profile] klb, [ profile] pryxis, [ profile] reena_jenkins
Johann Schmidt's hairpiece—LOST
12 vials of Captain America's blood—MISSING
Steve Rogers's dog tag—TAKEN

Tonight, come with us on a journey of shocking discovery as we investigate these pieces of our lost history.

this one goes out to (Les Misérables - All Media Types)
written by [ profile] novembersmith, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: Renegade Radio Puts Our World in Danger: How Dare This Group Of Terrorists Risk Unwilling Wizards to Exposure?'
AKA, a fic in which the Amis take on the Statute of Secrecy, and Enjolras finally learns how to listen.

Wish You Were Here (Bandom, My Chemical Romance, frnkiero andthe cellabration, Gerard Way and the Hormones)
written by [ profile] RubyTuesday5681, performed by [ profile] jenepod
Summary: Most of the time when Frank calls, he’s happy. Lately, a lot of the calls have been to tell Gerard about something Frank saw that reminded him of some shared experience of theirs from the past. Gerard both loves and hates these phone calls in equal measure.
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a joy as hard as sunlight (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] fartherfaster, performed by [ profile] blackglass
Summary: "If you get killed... Walk it off."

Thor knows what it is to die and yet remain alive, to be homeless down to the air he breathed. He knows he only survived the grief of his falling because Jane, as brave and loyal and daring as she is, was willing to say his name and make him real. He watches Steve in the field, bowed and still fighting, and wonders if anyone has listened to him.
In the years they've stood together, Thor and Steve develop a friendship that buoys them both."

Away (The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types)
written by [ profile] SomethingIncorporeal, performed by [ profile] the_dragongirl
Summary: Having long ago surpassed her tutors, Barís daughter of Bombur seeks to continue her musical education.

His Loving Lips of Wine (Les Misérables - All Media Types)
written by [ profile] samyazaz, performed by [ profile] RsCreighton
Summary: There's a child on the other side of the door, smudged with dirt and looking not sorry at all for the disturbance. "Begging your pardon," he says, and doesn't sound like he means it one bit. "But the carriage is waiting for you."

"Carriage?" Grantaire laughs, but stops quickly, as it only makes his head hurt worse. "You have the wrong door."

"I don't," the child says, sticking out his chin and giving Grantaire a look like he'll drag him out by his shirt tails if it comes to it. "You're Grantaire, and I'm here to escort you, and you should really stop blinking at me and get your boots on. It doesn't do to keep these folks waiting."

Grantaire squints at him for a long moment, but the child stays as he is, heaving a great sigh and rolling his eyes toward the ceiling. "I'm not hungover. I'm still drunk," Grantaire says, with the weight of proclamation.

The child heaves a sigh and leans in, through the doorway, and grabs Grantaire by the sleeve of his shirt. "Congratulations," he says, dry as dust, and pulls Grantaire down the hallway to the stairs, and outside to the street. Where there is, in fact, a carriage, and a bay stallion pawing at the cobbles and tossing his head as he waits for them.

It's for the bat that I'm gonna buy (Bandom, My Chemical Romance)
written by [ profile] ermengarde, performed by [ profile] dapatty
Summary: Wherein: Mikey's life is fucking ridiculous, Ray has awesome hair, Frank has dubious crafting skills, Gerard is the best brother (mostly), and Bob has epic denial skills.

sigh it into my mouth (Teen Wolf (TV))
written by [ profile] PhoenixFalls, performed by [ profile] readbythilia
Summary: Derek runs with the pack during full moons, and he runs with Braeden on her jobs, but mostly he just runs. He runs, and he runs, and he pretends he does not hear the pack whisper feral in his wake.
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Ekdosis (Les Misérables)
written by [ profile] samyazaz, performed by [ profile] RsCreighton
Summary: It comes as no surprise to Grantaire when he sees the man, wrought in the colors of fire and wheat and sunshine, and falls for him instantly. Men always want what they cannot have, and why should gods be any different?
It's only later that Grantaire learns who he is. Enjolras, child of the harvest, a god in his own right with dominion over vegetation and life itself. When he learns his name, Grantaire laughs until he feels sick.
Could there be anyone further out of reach for the god of the dead?

The Tower and the Arena (Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy)
written by [ profile] jjtaylor, performed by [ profile] pennyplainknits
Summary: Something is not quite right. Something else is very, very wrong.

Acquired Tastes (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] cinaea, performed by [ profile] silkylustre
Summary: It became their ritual after terrible ops: weirdly named local dishes and small talk.


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