May. 27th, 2017

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Sign-ups Now Closed

Before signing up, please take a moment to review the Rules/FAQ post

Sign-ups close June 3rd. The timeline of the entire challenge can be found here.

There are 2 kinds of sign-ups; this is for those who already have a complete group*. If you are looking for the mods to match you up, please sign up for the match maker sign-ups.

*Please note: A single person may sign up as a “group” of one if you would like to take on the role of both sole writer and sole podficcer for your project.

Please fill out the following information:

Writer(s) Names: (DW/LJ/tumblr/twitter)
Writer(s) AO3 Username: (please indicate if one is needed, and we’ll hook you up with an invite)
Podficcer(s) Names: (DW/LJ/tumblr/twitter)
Podficcer(s) AO3 Username: (please indicate if one is needed, and we’ll hook you up with an invite)
Email Address(es): (if you would prefer to not share your email address(es) publicly, you may send an email to and note in your sign-up that you have done so.)
Fandom(s): (Current plan. You are free to change this later)
Does the group want to opt out of check-ins? (see here and here in the FAQs for details)
Would you like the mods to email you important updates when they are posted to the comms? (For example: check-in posts, icebreaker week activities, posting instructions)
Additional Comments: (if you have any preferences or notes to mods let us know here.)


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